Why settle for overpriced, low-quality cabinets from companies that mass produce their cabinets when you can get a custom, well-built, solid wood cabinet from Nail Rite Contracting? The uniquely qualified crew at Nail Rite Contracting is able to deliver custom cabinets that fit any vision. We work with all species of wood and are able to make doors of any style. When you get a custom cabinet from Nail Rite Contracting, you are not just getting a unique, one of a kind cabinet, you are also getting an end product that has been meticulously attended to by people who truely care about the quality of their product.

  In addition to being able to make a higher quality cabinet than any of our competitors, Nail Rite Contracting also offers full kitchen and bath design services. We use our years of Northwoods experience in conjunction with your ideas to end up with a custom cabinet plan that is both one of a kind and enhances the beauty of your home. Get ahold of us today to talk in more detail about our custom cabinet options.